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Attend the 49th Hungarian Congress in 2009
Jöjjön a XLIX. Magyar Kongresszusra!


The 49th Hungarian Congress is organized by the Hungarian Association.

It is the largest and most comprehensive Hungarian conference event

outside of Hungary dealing with a spectrum of topics of interest about Hungary.


November 27 - 29, 2009

Held during U.S. Thanksgiving weekend in Cleveland, OH USA


New Location for Magyar Ball and Hungarian Congress
Hilton Garden Inn (at Carnegie and E. 9th near Downtown Cleveland)
1100 Carnegie Avenue, 
Cleveland, Ohio  44115

The Downtown Hilton Garden Inn has extended the discounted room rates of $89 for the Hungarian Association Congress if they are booked by November 23rd for the Hungarian Congress to be held November 27-29th. Call the Hilton Garden Inn at 216-658-6400 ask for reservations and mention you are attending the Hungarian Congress.

Magyar Bál szombaton este ‒ Black Tie "Magyar Ball"
Saturday evening November 28, 2009 at 6:30 pm

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Many program flyers below! Több infó lejjebb található!

Hungarian Congress Preview Flyer   ==>
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Friday Program - Viktorial Vizin

Program könyv - Program booklet
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MT Congress 2009 Program Booklet - program könyv

Tájékoztató - Newsletter (October 2009) (download PDF)  (View individual pages below.)

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Hungarian Congress Preview Flyer


Call for information now about the Hungarian Congress.
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Information:  216-651-4929 evenings (Vali) Hungarian & English

Other Hungarian language information: (216) 521-7183


2009 Hungarian Congress Program Flyers  Click on image of flyer for immediate quick preview.

                Kongresszusi előadóink: Kattints a képre rögtön látni az oldalt!

Come hear our guest speaker, Janos Martonyi, at the Saturday luncheon (reservations required) talk in Hungarian of his views on "Világ válság, magyar válság." János Mártonyi, Former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hungary, was one of the 23 co-signers of  An Open Letter to the Obama Administration from Central and Eastern Europe.” Read it here.

Dr. Martonyi János, Fidesz - Guest at Hungarian CongressMT Newsletter Oct 2009 page 3 Vizin Viktória Pat Valdata - Writer's Workshop Hunky Blues - A Peter Forgacs movie Dr. Balazs Ablonczy The Board St. Laszlo Tarsasag
Laszlo Hajdu Panni Ludanyi Nadas Exhibits Marta Pereszlenyi
Lél F. Somogyi Dr. Miklos Tapay Trianon Syndrome Katalin Almay Volker
Agnes Vardy P. Forrai Tamás, S.J. Rácz Zsuzsa Csokay András  Istvan Kovacs Arthur Allan Bartfay flyer Stephen Spinder Zsuzsanna Balla Sandor Balla Dr. Béla Várdy Dr. John Nadas  Hungarian Association luncheon hostess - Mariana Somogyi  Pan Euro Picnic  Dr. András Ludányi Rozália Kóka

                                               Irodalmi és Művészest

Magyar Társaság Ifjúsági Képművészeti Kiállitás       MT Newsletter Oct 2009 page 3        Call for Papers - 2010

Tájékoztató - Newsletter (October 2009) (download PDF)

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MT Newsletter Oct 2009 page 1MT Newsletter Oct 2009 page 2MT Newsletter Oct 2009 page 3MT Newsletter Oct 2009 pg 4

Order Form 2009 <= Click image to download Válaszlap / Order Form

Tájékoztató - Newsletter (May 2009)

MT newsletter May 2009 page 1MT newsletter May 2009 page 2MT newsletter May 2009 page 3MT newsletter May 2009 page 4


Most készül összefoglaló a 48. Magyar Kongresszusról. Itt lehel megtalálni a 2008. Magyar Kongresszus program anyagokat és tájékoztatókat az előadókról.

We are preparing a summary of the 48th Hungarian Congress that will appear here in the coming weeks. You an access the archive of Congress program, as well as flyers about the speakers and presentations at this link -  Archive of Hungarian Congress November 2008

Megmaradásunk kulcsai: vallásunk és kultúránk megőrzése

Hungarian Congress 2007 - videos online (more videos also listed on page)



A Magyar Társaság küldetése:

A Magyar Társaság kulturális szervezet magyar véreink összefogása céljából. A Magyar Társaság erősen folytatni kívánja 50+ éves célkitűzéseit, az emigrációban is tudatos magyarok legyünk, segítsük egymást minden vonalon, fogjunk össze, legyünk társadalmának vezető szellemi elitje.

Mission of the Hungarian Association:

The Hungarian Association is a cultural organization sponsoring an annual Congress providing a forum for the discussion of issues impacting Hungarian Americans and offering educational, literary, artistic and informative lectures by members of the North American Hungarian Community. The Hungarian Association supports the publication of an annual book, the Kronika,  collecting together presentations given at the Hungarian Congress as well as other articles of interest. It also recognizes members of the Hungarian North American community who either did outstanding volunteer work or deserve recognition for their work as authors, artists or scientists. The Association reaches out to the Hungarian North American Community with sponsorships and other activities in pursuit of its cultural mission. Officers and Board - Vezérkari tagok

Krónika - The Chronicles of the Hungarian Congress:

For 47 consecutive years, the Hungarian Association has published an annual book which encompasses the proceedings of the annual congress of the Hungarian scientific, literary and artistic association and includes papers presented by Hungarian scientists, writers and artists in the Western world. For 42 years, it has also served as the annual yearly journal of the Árpád Academy, which is the professional honorary society representing distinguished Hungarians in the Western world. In addition, the book contains material of interest and relevance to the purpose of the Hungarian Association and related to the topics of the Hungarian Congress. A large number of photos are also included in books published in at least the last decade. Typically, it is published in the range of 288 to 320 pages in a fine red bound edition with gold imprint.

This series uniquely chronicles the thinking of Hungarians outside of Hungary in this half century timespan and is thus a truly singular and invaluable resource for understanding the Hungarian experience in the diaspora. It was edited until 1995, for 34 consecutive years, by Professor Dr. Ferenc Somogyi, and since then by Lél F. Somogyi.

Krónika XLVII, representing the Hungarian Congress held in November 2007, has been published and is available directly from the Hungarian Association
(for US $20.00 inclusive of shipping in the USA, and for US $25.00 inclusive of shipping elsewhere in the world.)

Krónika editions from many prior years are available for the same pricing. Contact Lél Somogyi, Editor of the Krónika and Secretary-General of the Árpád Academy, at the address LelSomogyi at for information and specifics about ordering.

The Table of Contents for Krónika XLVII can be viewed at this link.

AZ ÁRPÁD AKADÉMIA TAGJAI, az Árpád Szövetség tagjai, Ezüstérem és Elismerő Díszoklevél nyertesei -

Members of the Árpád Academy of Hungarian Scientists, Writers and Artists Abroad,

Members of the Árpád Association:


Prepared by/Összeállította: dr. Somogyi Ferencné Sarolta; Published by: Lél F. Somogyi, Secretary-General of the Árpád Academy

Publication date: July 18, 2009 Revision: 20090718


This membership list was compiled based on the records of the Árpád Academy and based on lists published annually in the Krónika, the Chronicles of the Hungarian Association. The 2007 and 2008 entries can be found at the end of this document. This list is currently in revision and therefore might not complete and may still contain inaccuracies. It will be published in table format for ease of access and greater accuracy. Copyright © 2009 Hungarian Association. All rights reserved.


How to Type in Hungarian (or any foreign language) on your Windows PC
by Lél F. Somogyi

The detailed instructions for turning on Hungarian language support on your PC are here.

Multilanguage support is available FREE under all versions of Microsoft Windows.
All you have to do is turn it on and know how to use it.

Changing Attitudes: Raising Children in a Dual Culture
by Judit and Pál Szentkirályi (reprinted by permission of the authors)

This article on raising children in a dual culture gives insight, information and useful tips on raising children in a bilingual environment, giving solid reasons for early muliple language training, and spells out clearly defined benefits.  It dispels common myths about bilingualism and gives facts based on the latest research. It serves as a useful resource for families trying to understand and explain the benefits of encouraging the nurturing of multiple cultures and languages. It was originally published by the authors in August 2006 and is reprinted here with their permission. Copyright © 2006 by the authors. The article can be downloaded as a Word document from  -- Lél F. Somogyi, editor


by Brigadier General Huba Wass de Czege, US Army Retired (reprinted by permission of the author)

Here is the full text in PDF form of "Papi Through My Eyes: Recollections by a Son of Wass Albert," a nearly 60 page English language article by Huba Wass de Czege prompted by his participation in the XLVII Hungarian Congress in Cleveland, OH in November, 2007.  In it, he writes: "This English version is prompted by my participation in the XLVII Hungarian American Congress in Cleveland, Ohio on 23 and 24 November 2007, which was to a great extent dedicated to commemorating my father’s work in America in behalf of the Hungarians left behind the Iron Curtain. This work is to satisfy an immediate, and sincere interest in Papi’s life, and how we viewed his life and work within the Hungarian American community." And in a letter to Dr. John Nádas, President of the Hungarian Association, he wrote: "You may find it useful to circulate this among the interested Hungarians in America to inform them better of our relationship to our father and to counter the false stories circulating. I think many of the people who were present at the Congress would read it." -- Lél F. Somogyi, editor


(not in any particular order)


Fordítóprogram a magyar nyelv és 33 másik nyelv között fordít.  A MorphoLogic ingyenes nyelvészeti szolgáltatásokat nyújt: szövegfordítás, weblapfordítás, szótárak, helyesírás, többnyelvű keresés és mondatelemzés.

Google Magyarországi hírek -

Keressen és tallózzon 200 hírforrás folyamatosan frissített hírei között.

Google Translate -

You might find this new tool by Google to be helpful in quickly doing readable translations between various supported language pairs. Since some languages that are used in countries Hungarian minorities live in are already supported, it will be a useful tool for more easily reading and understanding news items or published works in those languages. Hungarian is not yet supported as one of the languages.

Hungarian Cultural Garden - A Garden of Peace and Culture

It was 70 years ago, in 1938, that the Hungarian Cultural Garden was officially and formally dedicated as one of the largest cultural gardens in the Cleveland Cultural Gardens. The Hungarian community held rededication ceremonies for the Hungarian Cultural Garden on August 24, 2008. Efforts are continuing to renovate the garden and restore it to its original grandeur. (The Hungarian Association is a sponsoring organization)

Hungarian Heritage Museum of the Cleveland Hungarian Heritage Society

The Cleveland Hungarian Heritage Society's mission is to preserve Hungarian  culture and the experience of Hungarians in Northeast Ohio, so that others, now and in the future, can draw upon its collection for education, inspiration, and enrichment.  To carry out its mission, the Society operates a museum and a library as a center for Hungarian historical, cultural and artistic exhibitions, and sponsors educational and research activities.


With reference to Hungarian Association founding.

Magyar Baráti Közösség - Hungarian Communion of Friends

Archívum anyagok
ITT-OTT Kalendárium 2004-2009 (online books)

American Hungarian Federation (AHF)

Hungarian Community blog on the Plain Dealer's - A community forum

This website serves the information and communication needs of the community of individuals with Hungarian roots. It is intended to use the most effective internet resources to draw the community together through free and open forums for the expression and exchange of ideas, news and events of interest, and helping create electronic bridges to communities and businesses in Hungary.

The Gulyás Pot - An online Community for Hungarian Americans

Sponsored by the Hungarian American Coalition and Lauer Learning. From the website's About: In the Gulyas Pot, you will find community and educational resources, information on local Hungarian American history and a chance to network. Grab a spoon or fork and dive in! Like gulyas, the gulyas pot is made up of many different ingredients and is only as good as the time and care the cook puts into it.

The Hungarian Girl

          Blogsite in Canada all about Central and Eastern European food topics 

Hungarian American Coalition

Cleveland Hungarian Scouts

Troop news and information

Oath and Inaugural Address of President Barack Obama

Video and full text

Coming soon -- More links to maintaining Hungarian culture on the Internet



Archive of Hungarian Congress November 2008

Archive of Hungarian Congress November 2007

Archive of Hungarian Congress November 2006

Additional archives will me made available here in the future.


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